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Thomas Blackshaw


" Loving what you do is the begining of a romance that will last a lifetime"


Sushi chef and sushi chef consultant.

Thomas Blackshaw, BMI MAG 2012

Enthusiastic sushi chef seeking employment in an interesting and stimulating environment with opportunities to build and improve a business and strengthen skills and knowledge.
Focused and efficient employee specializing in Sushi and Japanese cuisine. Has an excellent knowledge of all types of sushi preparation, sourcing of key ingredients, waste and cost control plus kitchen management. 
Ability through experience to create profitable and original menus and hire and train talented staff. Thrives in demanding situations and strengths lie in adaptability and willingness to learn. 
Imaginative and technical, passionate and hard working..




" Each dish has to be balanced in terms of taste, colour and texture - and of course each one is freshly prepared in front of our guests"


Thomas Blackshaw, Guernsey Press 2013

Training and history:

I have been making sushi at the highest level for over ten years; I started my training with skilled American sushi chef Peter Sol Rogers. We provided sushi at prestigious events including the Cannes film festival and at the world famous Monaco Grand Prix. We served high quality sushi to film and sports stars plus European royalty from fabulous beach-side locations.


Next I moved back to the UK where I was the first sushi chef hired to a brand new high end sushi restaurant in central London called Aqua Kyoto. I worked with executive sushi chef Chun Tsui on the initial set up of the sushi bar and helped with the sourcing of ingredients and suppliers while also creating stock and food cost management processes.

I received extensive and valuable training from the executive sushi chef and increased my skills and technique while learning financial awareness with regards to food and labour costs.


My next position was with Blue Marlin Ibiza, regarded as the best beach club in the world. I was hired to join and improve the sushi bar team, update menus, manage food costs, stock control and waste management.


In my second year I was promoted to head sushi chef, I was given complete control of the management of the sushi bar and team and was integral in the setting up of a second sushi bar at the new Blue Marlin Marina restaurant.


I managed the staff for both sushi bar sites to keep the staff costs as low as possible while also maintaining extremely high standards; I was featured with my team in the September issue of BMI MAG.


My next project was as the head sushi chef of Nomad Sushi Bar in Verbier, Switzerland where I translated the owner’s ideas and concept into a popular and vibrant restaurant.


I served imaginative and delicious sushi/Japanese cuisine to Verbier’s discerning clientele while upholding strict food cost and waste management systems, my interesting and balanced menu created instant client favourites and established its own successful brand/style.


Currently I am working as second sushi chef at Chotto-Matte London. One of the best Nikkei and Peruvian Japanese restaurants in the capital.


Outside of Chotto-Matte I work as a consultant sushi chef, helping other restaurateurs to realise their dreams and business potential within the hospitality industry.

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