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 'Effective innovative and practical    solutions to hospitality problems'  

'Whether you have an existing restaurant that needs help to regain market share and profitability or are looking to open a new business I can offer you expert and clear advice to help you achieve your goals.


I know what works and what doesn’t...'

Do you dream of owning a sushi bar or Japanese restaurant... Did you know that sushi chefs cost on average 30% more per hour than regular chefs??



Are you aware of the techniques and skills required to prepare top quality, safe, profitable sushi?? Do you know your Hirame from your Hotatae??



Are your chefs working cleanly and efficiently?? Every gram of fish wasted by your chefs is your profit lost....



With my knowledge and expertise I can help you avoid common mistakes and help your chefs reach their potential...

​Sushi Chef Consultancy:


  • On site training

  • Increase of skills and technique

  • Waste management

  • Recipes and Japanese ingredients

  • Sushi bar etiquette

  • knife skills and sharpening

  • Fish selection and filleting

  • Customer Service



Restaurant Consultancy:


  • Gross profit margins 

  • Health and hygiene

  • Detailed menu planning & design 

  • Kitchen logistics and operations 

  • Kitchen management and systems 

  • Kitchen staff budget 

  • Suppliers



New Restaurant Consultancy:


  • Concept, brand design and realisation

  • Financial planning and construction of business plans

  • In depth site/location analysis

  • Feasibility studies

  • Project management and cohesive development

  • Site design - both front and back of house

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